Living a happy and rewarding life

happiness is in your handsThere’s no prescription or manual for a neverending happiness, but the important bit is savouring life at that particular time when you feel “happy”  lifted spirits, feel like dancing in the rain.

30 things i try to live by;

  1. Be grateful for good health
  2. Dare to dream ( and dream big and fearlessly)
  3. Keep smiling (even when in the lowest of time’s)
  4. Watch birds and butterflies
  5. Be romantic!
  6. Keep it simple
  7. Do not tailgate
  8. Do not interrupt while conversing
  9. Try keep your promises
  10. Enjoy good company
  11. Listen to your children
  12. Be a good loser and better winner
  13. Enjoy a nap on sunday afternoon
  14. Never deprive someone of hope
  15. Be thankful for every meal, we know how much scarcity there is.
  16.  Do not be afraid or embarrassed to say ” I’m sorry”.
  17. Improve your performance by improving your attitude.
  18. Leave everything a little better than you found it.
  19. Be kinder than expected.
  20. Take good care of those you love.
  21. Do something nice for someone who will never find out
  22. Do not expect that money will bring you happiness.
  23. Live in manner that, when your children think of fairness, caring 7 integrity, they think of you.
  24. Do not rain on other peoples parade!
  25. Be humble but assertive
  26. Be someone’s hero
  27. Travel the world it will open your mind
  28. Free your heart of hatred
  29. Give more, expect less.
  30. Judge your success by the degree that you enjoy peace and good health.


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