My day to day life is filled by constant research about entrepreneurship and everything that comes around it. As a business consultant i try to find meaningful information to share, inspire and empower small businesses. Watching a Youtube video of the most successful men in the business world, sports and other arena’s, I drafted great read that are meant to motivate every entrepreneur in their journey to success

Here are some of the key books, ( some can be downloaded online for free);

1.The One Minute Millionaire –Mark Victor Hansen & Robert G. Allen

2.Rich Dad Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki

3.From Rats To Riches – Usher Morgan

4.The Art of the Deal – Donald Trump

5.Richest Man in Babylon – George s. Clason

6.The Secret – Rhonda Byrne

7.Personal Power II – Anthony Robbins

Hope you read and get inspired. I have only read 4 of those and i love my new perspective!

Happy reading….

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