All major brands started somewhere, they didn’t wake up to a glorious morning served in golden cutlery, neither did they dream their way to Forbes richest men and women in the world, they made it happen by taking action.It’s time to make your first baby steps with your minimum viable service/product for your big idea.

Did you know that….even the biggest brands had major hitches when starting up?

A few things you may have not known;

  • The first iphone had no “find” and no “cut-& paste” features on the phone?
  • Virgin airlines; was an airline with one flight only! No routing systems.
  • Launchrock ; was one cool-looking page that promises an upcoming launch of a service.
  • Dropbox; the founders made a video about how something called ‘’dropbox” works and got investment before building itSo get up and get started!  Commence by putting down the basic features of your idea and then visualize how everything will fit together, soon everything will be flowing just the way you dreamed of, bottom line you have to ‘’Just do it”

  ‘’If you never try, you’ll never know”, this is my personal mantra.

Most entrepreneurs have the will and desire to get out and start something but one of the major reasons most don’t take that first step is fear of failure! My big question is “how do you know you’ll fail if you don’t try?’’ ‘’what if you succeed?” or you were meant to succeed but you never tried because you only expected failure.

One other thing that I have always shared with my fellow entrepreneurs is to better start making those mistakes and failures then learn from them now, rather than making these same mistakes 10 years from now!

”The secret of getting ahead is getting started”- Mark Twain

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