How to Improve Sales through Social Media

Times have changed, those wee conversations on Facebook and endless tweets have changed into business transactions, forget the good old days when adverts in a bid to promote sales were posted on the dailies, welcome to the digital era, this is the perfect paradigm shift, people have realized that marketing through social media is the new best thing ever.

So how do you go about Increasing Sales via Social media? Selling via social media and pocketing tidy sums is not a fleeting dream, it is within your reach, so here is how:

Create a community

To create a community, you need to gather people who subscribe to your ideas under the same platform, now a community will be a Facebook page or a group or a twitter account, whichever you deem as appropriate. The Name of the page or the group will be the name of the business or the enterprise. You can create a website too and link it up with your Facebook page, however, a website may require technical know how to run it, so a page will suffice.

Create Awareness.

When you create your community, you need to get people to see your products, that are why you need to grow your page.

You can do this organically, which means that you make post that are interactive and catchy, which means that people will gain confidence in your brand, this is a good way of creating an aura of credibility amongst your clients.

Other people chose to buy Likes and followers, this is considered as an illegal practice amongst social media users, but it does happen, where people tweak the normal working of the cyberspace to work to their advantage, thereby creating a virtual feeling that they have created a community.

Make Consistent Posts.

This is the most important part of the whole sale business; you will be making sales from your posts.

Pay attention to little details like: where are your business premises, pricing, delivery, after sales, etc.etc make short precise posts. Include photos because people love photos more. While at the photos, you can do them professionally this will add to your business, the credibility edge.

Follow up on Sales.

Social media offers you a platform where you can make a follow up on the clients; this platform allows you to keep a conversation with the clients in the case of feed-back.

An article on Entrepreneur and Shark Tank investor extraordinaire Mark Cuban,  states that for business to close a sale, a sales person has to do between 8 – 12 follow ups whether by email, phone or whatever medium best suites the type of clientele.


  • It offer real-time feedback in real-time, you get to hold conversations with your clients really fast.
  • It is a dynamically modern way of keeping up with the changing sales and marketing strategies,
  • Sales can be made as easy as the click of a button.


  • It’s prone to online fraudsters who prowl the internet looking for easy targets.
  • It’s limited to those that can access the internet and who can read.

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