Personal-BrandLast night while participating in a twitter discussion harsh tag #BIZCHATS organized by Mashable Business alongside expert contributors William Arruda, Lolly Daskal, Alexis Grant and Maria Duron, I learnt to a great extent…much appreciation to these Tweeps for the knowledge sharing.

The topic was personal branding online and offline, much to my realization, a lot of small business owners are just as keen on the topic as I was. There was exhaustive information for anyone keen on personal branding. I had plenty to learn from industry guru’s, social media experts, pro bloggers, digital marketing gurus and what have you. I thought I would share my take on the topic from my personal knowledge and key takeaways from the discussion.

The success of your online personal brand is dependent on the personal image throughout the digital platforms and offline, ever heard of the term if Google doesn’t find you, you don’t exist.

Tips on building a personal brand

1. Personal branding is a marketing strategy focused on your most important product….YOU.

2. Be Authentic – Personal branding is about being your true self online, don’t be anyone’s phony, be the best version of you be unique when creating an online persona and voice.

3. The best personal Brands are REAL: Reliable, Engaged, Authentic and Listening.

4. Take a stand and stand out, personal branding is not about pleasing everyone strong brands please many just much repel most.

5. Know your superpowers by doing what you do better than anyone else.

6. Learn from OPE – other people’s experience research and network.

7. Discover what makes you unique and measure if you’re communicating well online/offline.

8. Invest in yourself….your personal brand is a personal investment.

9. Identify who you are, what you value and what you have to offer.

10. Focus on quality of connections and content not quantity.

11. Have fun, your readers want someone relatable and likeable.

12. Be selectively famous, focus on your target audience.

13. Keep evolving to remain relevant and real, everything changes, you change.

14. Network offline; keep yourself active in relevant company.

15. Make a difference wherever you and whatever you do.

16. Don’t aim to be a though leader, aim to be the best at what you do.

17. Be willing to help others in your trajectory, be an advocate for a cause.

18. Be clear; be consistent and constantly visible to decision makers and influencers online and offline

19. Build your brand in bits and bytes, first impressions have gone online.

20. Personal branding is answering your own WHY and then teaching/showing others the HOW.

Do you have any other personal branding tips to add? Please share…

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