Creating a business page

Twitter is an undisputed social media giant, Its numbers triple by every heartbeat, if you want to see real time, instant results for your personal or business brand, Twitter is where you should be. It’s more interactive, easy to read and share. We are living in an information overload digitized world; twitter makes a summary of all the information in only 140 characters.

If you’re a newbie in twitter and like most beginners I have interacted with who say they freeze the moment they think of what to tweet.

First things first, before you create an account you need to decide what is the purpose of the account is it for personal interaction or business. This will determine who to follow, what to post, what to re-tweet, what to favourite. In previous post I wrote about how to get started social media, read it here on getting started with twitter:

Branding your business page – Profile size, cover photo size, what images;

Once you have your page up if you have set up a business page, you can set the business logo as your profile photo, the cover page can either be your logo or a nice graphic image of your listed services, sales or offer, a relatable quote for your line of business or a photo of your workplace/business or staff. You can use visual resources like  or to make beautiful and professional images for your social pages. See dimensions for twitter:

  • Header photo (recommended dimensions are 1500×500 pixels)
  • Profile photo (recommended dimensions are 400×400 pixels)
  • Bio (maximum 160 characters)
  • You can include your business/ personal Website
  • Select a theme color that you prefer.

Who to follow;

Once all the basics are sorted, consider searching for twitter handles with general interests like news, sports, entertainment, world leaders, thought leaders then narrow down to industry and sector information or news sources not forgetting your competitors. It is vital to check on what other people in your line of business are doing and borrow a leaf, but make it better. While picking whom to follow, consider following twitter accounts with most followers by checking out their profile and at least the last three tweets from their most recent posts.

What to do – Tweets, Hash tags , re-tweets, favorite, pin, lists;

Social media is all about being social, hence twitter is a give and take…you share information and read what other people have shared and re-share, favorite it to your followers.

Re-tweet is when you share a tweet posted by someone else, Favorite is mostly when you like a post and you want to bookmark it, show approval, acknowledge plus a dozen other reasons. For many users the favorite is a way of giving someone a virtual pat on the back, to say “good work tweep, I love what you’re saying”.

# hash tag is the icon you use when posting, this helps your #topic or #post be found by interested followers. This is what you use when you want your topic to trend.

You can pin a Tweet to your profile so that when others visit your profile page, it is the first Tweet they will see.

Twitter lists allow you to easily find people and posts of the similar interest thus you interact with followers who are keen on the same topic as you.

Using twitter overview

When using twitter you can manage a number of accounts while using the twitter app and several automating tools like app,

which gives you great weekly insights of your follower-ship growth what not , is great for managing your twitter account, it helps you find people who are following you but you don’t follow them back, people whom you follow but aren’t following you among other great functions.

Bottom line in order to see rapid impact, tweet as often as possible and follow back people who follow you, use hash- tags 3-4 # per post are ideal, check on trending topics and share your thoughts, re-tweet or favorite posts you agree with or like, participate on Twitter discussions/ chats for direct and real time interaction, reply to tweets and messages, appreciate people who follow you, mention people you’re talking to with their tweet handle, delete any damaging posts that you may have shared, your reputation online is everything guard it to your maximum. I recently started using for controlling the results of your personal brand online.

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