How The IoT Makes Your Home Smart

The smart homes era is here, thanks to the power of the Internet of Things and the power it brings to how we manage safety and security in our homes while improving lifestyles. Smart homes are integrated by Internet of Things and Smart Systems which are driven by a combination of sensors and actuators, connectivity, people and processes.

In a little over a year just, there has been significant rise in the level of excitement about the smart home recent smart home research states that millennial’s (79%) and parents (76%) leading the pack, and 50% of the overall population excited about the technology.

Intent to purchase smart home technology is quickly following suit, with 50% of people saying they plan to buy at least one smart home product in the next year (U.S. intent is slightly higher at 54%).


It makes sense that home monitoring cameras and connected door locks are among the most popular devices when you consider that a burglary takes place every 14.1 seconds in the U.S. and 56% of break-ins are through the front or back doors. And with heating and cooling accounting for 48% of energy use in a typical home, we understand why connected thermostats topped the list of the most popular product last year.


Most consumers express a higher level of excitement around the following benefits of the smart home:

  • Greater productivity and ability to manage work-life balance
  • Energy saving through monitoring electric appliances.
  • Safety and security efficiently managed
  • Making it easier to enjoy music, movies and web surfing anywhere in the house
  • Helping anticipate needs; shopping lists, minor repairs
  • More interactive features that helps connect with the people in your life

Kenya has not been left behind with the smart home technology adoption, local products by Kenyan techies are designed with a key focus to protect your home, improve your lifestyle by touch of a button on your smart phone, plus it does come with high speed internet, which keeps you connected 24/7/365. Some of the products I got to experience in a Kenyan smart home with a attention to the following;


Imagine your kids are home alone, a gas leakage occurs and instead of an explosion a small gadget you installed detects the leakage and instantaneously shuts down the gas system preventing any major life threatening events at home.

This appliance can also detect smoke in case of a fire outbreak so you can take action in good time.

You’ll need smoke and gas sensors installed in your home which will be connected to your smart phone.


Every home owner’s top priority is security; being able to manage security at the palm of your hands is a key component. A smart camera is not your typical CCTV but an actual smart version that helps you monitor your home while away, more so human sensors that can detect intruders, in every room in your house.

Energy Saving

Smart home appliances like smart socket for your light control, air conditioning controller will be highly efficient if you’re looking to save energy consumed by each appliance in your home.


Entertainment has also emerged as a new and powerful driver to smart home adoption. Nearly half of consumers (45%) in recent survey list the ability to remotely control and/or monitor their TV and sound systems as one of the top reasons to purchase a smart home system.

Imagine when you wake up in the morning, your shower heater is already turned on, your coffee make turns on, your favourite TV channel or radio station turns on, your curtains draw and viola! That’s your smart home experience.


Smart homes automation allows you a life of ease and luxury with everything automated entirely controlled and managed at the palm of your hands through your smart phone.

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