3 Fundamental Steps To Earn User Trust And Drive Marketing Results

Today’s digital marketer spends a larger percentage of their time improving their digital presence. Statistically, in 2018 businesses globally spent about $100 billion on digital marketing. This means that you as a marketer are not the only horse in the race nor the fastest, your pay-per-click budget could give more insignificant results. 

Marketers are seeking to build in-house strength and to spend much more on ‘martech’ also known as digital marketing to stay ahead. What are you missing out on to keep your customers loyal to your brand and translate into results?

The pace and impact of changes to the digital Ad ecosystem are only about to get tougher as regulators, platform owners, policymakers and users are putting on their protective armor in the quest for online privacy.

According to Google, these are some of the fundamental steps to earning user trust and drive marketing results;

  1. Invest in a responsible data strategy

Data privacy has changed the game, roughly over 160 million people recently updated their Google privacy settings limiting the type of data they want to share and the kind of Ads they want to see. This means first-party measurement tools and cloud technology needs to be part of your data strategy. The GDPR policy has significantly impacted the collection and use of consumers’ personal data. 

Safari and Mozilla browsers have updated their systems with intelligent tracking prevention and enhanced tracking protection both of them block third-party cookies.

So, if you as a digital marketer run an ad, these cookies are used to show Ads to people based on the websites they visited, hence if your target audience has these cookies blocked the ability to deliver personalized ads to them is limited.

Another issue is conversions are under-reported because view-through and cross-device conversions cannot be counted Ads become less reliable. 

2. Be thoughtful and transparent about data collection

The GDPR policy states that a consumer’s data can only be used if they give a company explicit permission, however asking for clear consent and giving users real choices is vital in the type of experiences when interacting with your brand depending on their privacy needs.

The type of data you collect should be relevant to your type of interaction with the customer thus choose the right web development company from start to get things done right from the start. For instance, you do not need a customers home address or medical history when collecting data for the company’s quarterly newsletter. 

How are you collecting data when users interact with your website? Cookies should be set if your website visitors have direct contact with your website.

3. Be privacy-safe when managing your customer’s data

Investing in cloud technology to secure your customer’s privacy will win your trust, built-in security capabilities like data encryption. In this case companies have no choice, some customer relationship management (CRM) applications, such as Salesforce.com use secure web connections, such as transport layer security (TLS) encryption, to transfer data from the user’s keyboard or servers to the webs application. Some cloud storage apps also allow users to create a secure link between their corporate network or mobile systems and cloud storage this helps secure privacy for the customer. 

Following these steps should keep your brand on the high loyalty zone. Google is responsible for 96% of all smartphones search traffic, and 94% of total organic traffic, therefore is what  Google users are keen on when interacting with brands.

How are you engaging your users on these issues?

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