How to Build an Online Brand For Your Business.

Times have changed,  we are no longer fighting for space in the dailies, the days when superior brands used to ascertain their superiority in the dailies by posting myriads of posters is long gone, it is so five years ago.

Many Big names have chosen digital marketing as their new avenue for creating awareness for their bands, but is it a mediocre feat? Well it partly depends on how you approach it.

This is how you create a formidable online brand for your business …

Your online platform, be it Facebook page, twitter handle or a website needs to have a manifesto, or the goals that you need to achieve within a given period, the brand should then work towards attaining all the set goals- this may be achieved through relentless social  media campaigns or sponsorships. The goal should be clearly stated, the online surfers do not have all day to figure out what your brand is about.

Your brand logo should be clear and be bold on your platforms. Something about showing your online viewers what you are about, this is normally included in the logo.

Your online platform should be user friendly, it should bear an attractive background or the outlook which is appealing to the customers, the site can be customized to be easy to navigate through, this way you will have more visits to your site.

Quality content should be up loaded consistently on your site, the content should be user friendly as afore mentioned, nude photos should not be uploaded  to any of your platforms, the articles that appear on your site should be original, informative and interactive. This will keep visitor coming to your site if you are offering them something reliable and captivating.

Develop and accumulate a following for your brand, on Facebook and twitter, you can keep your fans loyal by giving giveaways at particular times, you can also hold online competitions and reward those that win, this will keep your fans involved as well as attract a following for your brand.

You brand should strive to be competitive for a business brand to be on the top it needs  to work towards being on top, this can be achieved through competition. A business can identify its competition and work towards doing what the competition is not doing, or making its brand better than the competition.

A brand should also consider exposure,  whereas there are few big  channels like Facebook, twitter, YouTube and probably google, a business should consider other avenues are related to social media, like Instagram, Pinterest, google plus… et al. these can offer a good platform for marketing your brand while closing that gap between big companies and small companies.


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