3 easy steps in brand building Pt. 1

We have a three-part walkthrough of the UAT-Filter developed by Rohit Bhargava. The UAT-Filter is a creative tool that can help sharpen the creative process and conceptualization of how to develop a brand with personality. 

The letters UAT refers to the three keywords or elements of brand personality: unique, authentic and talkable. If you develop a strategy around the use of these elements, then you will be on the path to what in the end will define your brand’s personality. The more clear you are at defining those elements the more defined the brand personality will become. 

Personality in a branding context must not be confused with how we think of the personalities of individuals we know. It’s not “total sum” or a combination of character traits. A brand personality is understood as the very soul or core of your brand. The core of a brand exists in the twilight zone between your choices and actions as brand creator/business person/entrepreneur and on the other hand the buying public/potential customer. 

This means that the better the strategy that you develop for the creation of your brand and hence its perceived personality, the better the chance that your vision of the brand personality corresponds to the vision of the potential customer. 

Three ways to create a sense of uniqueness about your brand: 

Find your uncontested space

TheBeatles are one of the most popular and best-selling musical acts of all time What set Beatles apart from the rest back in the sixties was a simple fact, that they were the first group to write their own material and being extremely talented doing that. Being the first and having raw talent in abundance is a good way to create uncontested space for oneself. If you are not the first, then think of other areas to compete like price, quality of the product, level of service on offer, innovation, etc.

Position yourself

Positioning yourself is all about how you want to be perceived without your product having to be totally new or different in the marketplace. When the Rolling Stones emerged on the scene in the early sixties the band was branded as the complete opposite of the Beatles. Where the Beatles, in the beginning, dressed the same as the Stones dressed individually and looked dirtier. Sending a signal of being less commercial and more authentic and rebel-like than the Beatles. Both bands musical roots shared a strong influence of Afro-American blues music. Where the Beatles wrote their own songs and the Stones didn’t do that in the beginning. The Stones played a more gritty and bluesy kind of music than the Beatles and by doing so, were considered more authentic by the London in-crowd. At the end, the only way forward for the Stones was to start writing their own songs. Simply because the Beatles continuously set a higher standard in terms of talent and originality which again created a bigger market for an audience demanded something original. 

Create a twist:

Sometimes it can be difficult to create a completely different position in the marketplace. Then you have to come up with a twist of what is already there. When Virgin Americas entered the American domestic airline market. One of the ways to create a twist that set Virgin Americas apart from the rest was an attention to detail of how customers normally experienced flying in the US. The Virgin airlines had a touch of the custom made in the attempt to alter the customer experience. Among new features were a seatback entertainment system with on-demand movies, customers had the possibility to order food directly from the seatback, laptop plugs were installed for each seat and there was a seat to seat chat, where passengers with an open profile could engage in instant chats with one another. All features set to change the traditional customer experience of domestic flights in the US. 

So when considering what gives a brand a unique quality. Then look at where in the marketplace there is an empty spot or an unfulfilled need? Where can your brand or product fit in or fulfill that need? How can you position yourself in relation to the competition already out there? And finally what kind of element can you find in your own product that will set you apart from the competition? If you can answer these questions honestly in regard to your own brand and products. Then you have taken the first step towards creating a brand with a more defined personality. 

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