4 ways to make your Email marketing efforts more effective

Email marketing is considered the most effective digital marketing channel with an ROI of over $38 for every $1spent; this proves that this medium is even more powerful than it’s ever been.

An explosion of new digital technologies pushed us to evolve. But those same technologies can leave a marketers’ head spinning. What’s the right marketing mix? How much should you invest in new channels? Which channel is most effective for acquiring new customers and driving revenue for your business? Even with the explosion of new technology, marketers keep coming back to email. The reason is clear–for ten years in a row, email is the channel generating the highest ROI for marketers.

So how can you take it up a notch and make your campaigns more effective, a few pointers;

Subscriber Management

Managing your subscribers comes with a bit of toiling, you’ll need to do some data collection be it online or offline.

Key areas to collect data from include web signup forms , contact form, upgrading, customer care point of interaction, customer base and running a competition through your website or social media platforms.

Data Segmentation is vital to avoid huge number of unsubscribe from your audience, this will enable optimization and targeting the right audience with the right information. Consider categorizing your audience in respect to their demographic, geographical habitat, purchase history, relationship and their life cycle.

Database management would require frequent clean up, focus on quality and not quantity; a smaller amount of high quality interactions is better than a large amount of low quality interactions. Update with new information gathered through interactions with subscribers; remember every interaction of email marketing process is an opportunity to improve data quality

Designing your template and the quality of content

When designing an email campaign put into consideration that youre designing for an email client and specific device; email client includes Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail and Apple mail while the devices are mainly laptops, desktops and Smartphone’s.

Make your interaction process smooth and easy for the audience across all types of devices and email client. Users apply personal ‘relevance’ filter when considering spam thus is it important to prioritize your email send out with factors like best time, location, familiarity of the sender, what are the work  and personal priorities of the audience.

Delivery Systems

In today’s very competitive technology space there are various options for your pick when selecting an Email Service Providers (ESP), some of the popular providers are:

  • Campaign Monitor
  • MailChimp
  • Constant Contact
  • A Weber
  • Vertical Response

Scheduling your campaigns will save you time and improve the   performance and consistency of your email marketing campaigns. Most of the above ESP’s provide the option of designing your email template and automating it for send-out at the most effective time zone for your audience.

Reporting & Analysis

Once you have your emails out, get your score card out to see how you performed, an instant report is shown on most ESP’s this enables you to analyze your campaigns effectiveness, the interaction scale for each campaign, subscriber and unsubscribe lists, open rate, total opened, unique open rate, clicks, bounce rate and delivered emails.

This may all seem like rocket science but trust and believe that once you get into the groove, you will enjoy the success of an effective email marketing campaign.

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