4 tips to effective marketing in today’s competitive world

You are doing great business if you spend less on marketing and still make tidy profits.

So how do you work around spending less on effective Marketing? 

Re-engineering your processes 

A new idea, device or process application of better solutions that meets new requirements, in articulated needs, or existing market needs, This is accomplished through more effective products, processes services, technology, or Ideas that are readily available to Markets. The term innovation can be defined as something original and, as a consequence, new, that “breaks into” the market or society. Disruptive born global companies like Spotify, Netflix, Uber and AirBnb are big on innovative business processes.

Read more about born global companies here https://vivienwamalwa.com/2019/10/01/3-fundamental-steps-to-earn-user-trust-and-drive-marketing-results/

Innovation therefore points to those technological tweaks that various businesses take up in a bid to spend less on marketing while remaining innovative.

Brand ambassadors

These are public figures or people of renowned image that you take into your enterprise, they pose as part of the business and attract clients via their social reach, such would be a musician, or an artiste, or anyone who Is in the limelight. They are a good shot at marketing because they attract a following wherever they go. Such a following is what is translated as clients in business circles. For example L’oreal has had celebrities like Céline Dion, Eva Longoria and Helen Mirren as a face of L’Oréal Paris, Viola Davis being the 2019 ambassador people are more likely to connect with the brand, because it will pitch them as equals to these iconic faces.

Social media marketing campaigns

Today’s social media managers are challenged even more than two years ago, running Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Ads is not as effective therefore marketers are forced to dig deeper and curate better stories, cultivate deeper relationships with their online communities and most importantly keeping up to date with new changes . Organic reach is not a guarantee anymore, paid Ads and SEO is the most effective solution for pushing sales. With giants like facebook and Google facing penalties for misuse of user data, new restrictions are being put in place which immensely affects social media marketing efforts. Bottom line, stay updated and use only relevant channels for your type of business to make your campaigns effective.

Omni-channel marketing

A business may have website where they list all their products on a platform that willing buyers can view and order whatever they need. A website is an innovative way of marketing your brand but it brings little to no value if it is not connected with the rest of the channels, this gives it visibility in a flooded world wide web. Streamlining your channels with a 360 degrees approach is the way to go to experience effective marketing efforts through brand awareness and sales uplift. Today’s top brands like H&M gives their customers the brand experience rather than channel experience. A customer is consistently serviced across all channels.

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