Who I am

Vivien Wamalwa

My name is Vivien, I’m a Kenyan citizen and a Danish resident. I speak five languages. I am a reality TV show winner.

I grew up in a small town in western Kenya, lived in various towns, studied in Kenya, USA & Denmark.

I started out as an ambitious entrepreneur at age 23, where I earned seed capital for my first startup journey in the tourism industry for over eight years, thereafter, I moved on to start another business as a digital agency consultant helping SMB’s in Nairobi in areas of digital marketing, branding, and communications.

I worked with The LEGO Group in the communication strategy department. I am currently an independent consultant under Africa Business Match, offering advisory for danish companies and investors seeking to enter and those already operating in the Kenyan market.

I am a co-founder of Uzuri, an Ecommerce platform focused on promoting authentic Kenyan organic and natural beauty and skin and hair care products in the Scandinavian market.

My travels around the world (Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Belgium, Italy, Poland, USA, Sweden, France, Germany, Spain, Norway, Greece, Netherlands, and my current residence Denmark) have cultured my interest in intercultural adaptation, the exponential potential of the African continent through technological advancement and transformative development which will stimulate economic growth, and cross-cultural interactions.

I have successfully participated in various entrepreneurship contests winning a reality TV show: The Top Magnate (TV business reality show similar to The Apprentice).
I thrive in understanding people from different backgrounds, learning from them and sharing my gained intellect through this channel.

I hope you will find something useful here 🙂