About me

Vivien Wamalwa

I am glad you’re here! – Let’s learn and Share!

My name is Vivien, I’m a Kenyan citizen and a Danish resident. I am a mother. I grew up in a small town in western Kenya, schooled in various schools, locally and in the US & Denmark. I started out as an ambitious entrepreneur at age 23, where I earned seed capital for my first startup journey in the tourism industry, thereafter, I moved on to start another business as a digital agency consultant helping SMB’s in Nairobi, in areas of digital marketing, branding, and communications and recently with The LEGO Group.

I have successfully participated in various entrepreneurship contests winning a reality TV show: The Top Magnate (TV business reality show similar to The Apprentice).

I learn about the world by travelling. So far;  to Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Belgium, Italy, Poland, USA, Sweden, France, Germany, Spain, Norway and my current residence Denmark. I have focused on intercultural adaptation, the exponential potential of technological advancement and transformative development in and through cross-cultural interactions – topics I enjoy sharing and learning from as a professional marketer.
I thrive in understanding people from different backgrounds, learning from them and sharing my gained intellect through this channel. I hope you will find something useful here 🙂

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