What I can do for you

I’m passionate about marketing, branding and communication. I consult for local danish companies seeking growth opportunities in areas of digital & content marketing, strategy and investment opportunities in Kenya.

An award-winning entrepreneur with over 12 years of business development, and sales and marketing experience. Founded businesses in Kenya and Denmark. Worked with Danish businesses and investors helping them access the Kenyan market and digital marketing aspects.

People I have worked with often compare my skills set to a swiss knife with many sharp blades, which is analogous to the master generalist’s sharp mind which pierces into various spheres of knowledge to carve out frameworks that connect the various tiny specialist puzzle pieces of information to create ways of seeing the reality that strengthens my abilities to make connections amongst specialist areas, in this case, areas within a Swiss Army Knife.

Social Media Management

Are you lugging behind playing catch up with your competitors? Let’s analyse together and craft a killer SoMe execution strategy to help you leverage the most effective platforms for your business.


Struggling with your overall digital and content marketing strategy? Working with B2B and B2C companies has given me diverse experience with top-down view on what strategies work. I will customize your digital marketing strategy and align your content roadmap strategy for the most efficient results.


How visible is your brand? Let’s put it to test and make it better. Successful brands have mastered their storytelling let’s coin your brand story and give it the image it deserves.

Vivien is very patient and understanding of my business needs, she has a very wide knowledge of how to get the most out of every marketing platform.


Let’s make something beautiful together.

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